The times of sharing your personal data with everyone are over

Your privacy is our mantra. Forcatch garantuees you absolute privacy and anonymity, no matter if you are talking to your friends or engaging with strangers around you.

Why Forcatch?

You no longer need to give your phone number to anyone. Instead just use your Forcatch contact.
You are not sure if you want to share your number or name with last nights flirt? You are dissatisified of mixing up business and private contacts in your social media? You just want to move freely, without someone following your tracks? Getting in and out of contact invisibly?
Thats what we are here for.
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Everywhere / universal / no limits

Forcatch is the first and only App on the market that allows you to communicate offline.
It empowers you from the boundaries of an internet connection.

You would like to use Forcatch for your business?

Please contact us via E-Mail. We are happy to give you all further information.

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